What Is The Best Time of Year To Remove Trees?

Choosing to remove a tree is never an easy decision. Trees can increase the resale value of your home as well as its aesthetic appeal. The same holds true in a commercial space or a public venue.

However, trees that are no longer in good health may actually detract from the appeal of any space. Sometimes trees also must be removed for safety or development reasons.

Regardless of why you need tree removal services, the time of year can make a difference. There can be pros and cons to the timing of your tree removal depending on the state of the tree as well as the state of your local weather.

In this article, learn about pros and cons for removing trees in each season of the year so you can make an informed decision about your removal needs.

Removing a Tree in Spring

If you live in a climate that has extreme winter weather, spring can be a great choice for removing a tree.

However, in early spring the ground may still be frozen, which makes late spring, with its temperate conditions and warming soil, the best choice.

Removing a Tree in Summer

Summer has never been the most popular season to remove a tree. The temperatures are soaring and the trees are in full leaf and sometimes beginning to fruit.

Trees are at their heaviest weight and this can mean it is more difficult and expensive to remove a tree during summer. Compounding the challenge is that the ground is more likely to be soft, wet and warm, which can maximize the trauma to the surrounding landscape to have the tree removed.

Summer is also the season when tree companies tend to be busier, so you may have more of a wait to have your tree removed.

Removing a Tree in Fall

Fall can be a good time to have a tree removed, especially if you can wait until late fall when most of the leaves have dropped and the tree is at a lighter wait (although of course this won’t apply if your tree is evergreen).

You may find that local removal services are experiencing a slowdown in demand, which can also translate to faster removal and more economical pricing.

Removing a Tree in Winter

Winter is the off-season for most removal services. When the workload is slower, it can be easier to get your removal project scheduled quickly and it may also be cheaper.

However, in very cold climates, removing a tree during the winter when the ground is covered in snow and ice may represent some special challenges.

For more temperate climates, there is no doubt removing a tree in winter will cause the least stress to the surrounding landscape.

P.S. Safety Note About Compromised Trees

If the tree in question is structurally unsound in a way that poses a safety risk or has an infestation which may spread to surrounding greenery, the answer to the question of “what is the best time of year to remove trees” is always “ASAP.” Tree specialists are trained to remove trees in every season under all different types of weather conditions. Never delay your removal plans when the tree may be a danger to people or other landscaping.